semester project – Packaging Design
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alternative amorelie packaging design

packaging design / graphic design


The module for packaging design at NTNU in Norway aimed to create a new packaging design for an independent brand. The task was to create a Corporate Packaging for 4 different product lines. It was important that the 4 products are different from their usage and from their looks. The aim was to create a packaging that makes it easy for the customer to identify the products as one brand.

During the research, I wanted to separate myself from conservative products more and more. So the idea of redesigning sex toys and condom packaging came about. The most meaningful and appropriate brand for me was Amorelie. I decided to develop a suitable packaging design for condoms, a vibrator, a cleaning spray for the vibrator, and a creme. In addition, the research led to the realization that looking at the product packaging does not really convey a feeling of the product. But since it is all about the feeling of the product this should be in the foreground, especially with sex toys. So I decided to interpret and create that feeling while using the products through certain patterns, forms, and colors.

created patterns


final look