Road2Nordkapp – Crosscamp 2020
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Road2Nordkapp – Crosscamp 2020

some of my favorite shots of 2020

Content creation for the new Crosscamp Lite®


In October 2020 my friends and I started a cooperation with Crosscamp. In order to promote their new Crosscamp Lite®, we had the job to test the urban camper in tough winter conditions in Scandinavia and Finland.


The job was to create photography and video content of the Crosscamp Lite® for the website as well as Instagram. Along that journey Crosscamp published our work on their Instagram over 4 weeks, from January till February. The campaign launched with a variety of feed posts, as well as „Takeover Stories“ which were created for each week of our journey. During the promotion on Instagram, an interview and our travel after movie was launched on their website.

Note: The campaign is currently ongoing. After the launch of the Video and Interview, I will be able to publish it on my website. This will be approximately around mid-Febraury.