the wild west in a 30 feet camper

from San Francisco to Austin

The urge to do another roadtrip since the North Cape was high. So high that Johannes, Fabian, Jule and me sat together to plan something. Something big. Starting with a visit at Jule's former guest family in Vancouver, Canada and Johannes his best friend wedding in Austin, Texas we developed a route from Vancouver to Austin. A few weeks into planning we had to rethink the whole trip because the parks we wanted to visit were mostly closed because it was off-season, bringing us to our final route. From San Francisco to Austin, which is about 3.664 km (2.276 miles) on the route we have planned. From the hot dessert of the Joshua Tree national Park, over small villages in the middle of deep red canyons, breakfast at the side of the Route 66, through fancy Las Vegas, breathtaking clear nights at the Zion National Park, fleeing from storms around Lone Rock Beach to Breaking Bad vibes in Albuquerque and wildfires to the hardly bearable heat of New Mexico and Texas finally arriving at Dallas where we changed cars to our last destination in Austin.


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